mid evening sing-song


Life has taught me many things

Most, I have forgotten

So many things, I can’t recall

It’s as though my brain is rotten

But, there are a few things, born along with me

Things you may not like

For both our sakes, I keep them hidden

Deep inside my inner Night

From my father, came a violence

Too powerful to ignore

From my mother came the bitterness

Of a child left, alone, to war

Then that war brought on a bloodlust

That haunts me in my dreams

No one willingly parts with the red

It’s just so difficult, it seems

Then there is my penchant

For laughing at your pain

Delighted, only more, when you break down and  you obey

It tickles me, until I laugh

When I watch you cry

Is my foot too heavy on your throat?

Would you rather that you die?

If you would, I’ll gladly arrange

A nice resting place for you

One that’s elegant, yet profane

A place suited perfectly for you

But where’s the fun in all of that

When I’d rather keep you alive

Strap you down and take the red

Watch that fear a’growin in your eyes

There are many truths about me

That no one will ever know

For, I’m kind and I smile, and I talk real sweet

And none of it’s for show

I am all those things, good and bad

Just like anybody else

Perhaps, a bit more intense

And a bit more dead inside

Still, the lovelies you see upon my shelf

Were never meant to hide

It’s true I’d take a bullet for an honest friend

And I’d move the Heavens and Earth

For the love of an honest man

Just don’t push me to that place

Where my devils roam

And I won’t push you from your place

In your earthly home

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