cheesy word vomit 

I saw her sitting, all alone, in the tall grass of the field. The night had just begun to fall, yet she sat there, perfectly still. 

The only thing that moved upon her lovely face, was an expression of pure joy, as the full moon took its place. 

As I watched, the girl still sat in the big wide open field. Bathed in silver, she raised her arms to collect the silvery yield.

In silence, I stood, wondering what this lovely one might do, if she knew that I was watching as she praised the mighty moon. 

At last, she stood, tall and proud, this frail and lovely girl. Arms, still outstretched to gather the silver, as moonbeams began to swirl.

I watched as she was lifted up, like an angel taking flight. Pulled up into the moonbeams that shined down on her that night.

I watched until the girl disappeared into the giant moon, then I began to walk away, wondering what I should do.

Was there someone that I should tell of this magic I’d seen? Would anyone accept it? Would anyone believe?

As I turned to walk away, I began to feel so cold. My legs were numb, and my body felt as though death had taken hold. 

Just then, I felt a moonbeam fall upon my face. Just like the girl before me, I reached out to take my place. 

Before I knew what happened, I was wrapped up in the light, of a silver moon sent to bring souls on home that night. 

As I ascended, I looked back, upon my body; broken. The girl that I had seen before shared with me the Great Unspoken,

“If you go before you’re ready; if you are taken far too soon…for a time, God let’s you play among the stars and moons.” 

That is all that I can share of this tale of mine. I don’t know if it means a thing to you, or will stand the test of time. 

But these words are honest, as honest as they are true. Perhaps, one night, you’ll consider them, beneath a silver moon…

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