freedom falls like night in the sky 

How long do they get to win? The bad guys. How goddamn long?

When will the first warrior throw down the gauntlet and lead his people against the lawless? Where is our good shepherd?

How long will babies be torn from their mother’s womb until a queen stands and gathers her own? When will we women find our womanhood, again, in a land of evil men?

How long will the dope of cartels flow like mighty rivers in our streets? The bastards gorge, like demons, on the souls of man, while our watchmen keep time in the luxury of our enemies, save for the honest few, whose blood spills for our safe keeping. 

Fuck this shit. This world. This piss poor planet. There is nothing beautiful left to save. All good things are an illusion. Our simple minds, so ripe for the deception.

Sometimes, you reach that twinkle in the eye of time…a nanosecond during which you feel your heart finally break. You realize that nothing you ever held dear was even within your reach. Not love, or hope, or joy. None of it ever truly meant a fucking thing. Yet, you tried. Like a goddamn village idiot…you fucking tried. 

It hits you, on a dark and quiet night, that your presence is not required at this party and that you are free to leave. So, quickly, you prepare your exit. There are notes to write, documents to gather. In the fuss of it all, you begin to relax. Finally. Falling into your favorite chair…hand reaching towards the gun on the table, close by. As your hand feels its weight…the familiar grip…you cannot help but smile. Barrel to head, you laugh out loud as the irony hits that this is the happiest you’ve ever been. Finger on trigger, your last breath escapes through a smile as you, finally, do the only thing you’ve ever really done for yourself, nobody else considered; as you make your peace and take your leave. 

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