scarlet blessings freely flow

When the Darkness came to her, she held out her ivory arm

Then she drew her blade from wrist to bend, and released her scarlet charm

Though her flesh felt as though it was, by fire, burned, she smiled contentedly

As her sanguine dreams were fulfilled and it was almost time to leave

Her gown grew red and wet with life that she could finally feel

She then collected  her coins for the Ferryman, and became so very still

As she laid  back into the arms of Darkness, and thanked Him for His gift

He gathered her up and held her close, drawing  her into Him

Next she knew,  she was at the river; the great and mighty Styx 

Awaiting her turn with the Ferryman, clutching the coins she’d brought for him

At last he came and helped her aboard, and she gladly paid her toll

Then she turned and thanked the Darkness, surrendering her soul 

One last thing; she thanked Him for helping her that night

Then,  forward,  on to Hades

To set her wrongs to right 

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