i remember you as a shadow, dark and tall…looming over me

faceless, you taunt me with threats of remembrance, and i refuse to allow you that joy

at times, i feel your touch; a hand on my throat, hot breath on my cheek

even so, i refuse your memory

and, on long dark nights, when my own screams awaken me to the sight of you at my bedside

i refuse you, all the more

your face will forever stay behind a veil of vantablack; indiscernible to my eyes, devoid of feature, character…humanity

you’ll have neither my anger, nor vengeance

even death is a kindness you don’t deserve

and suffering your shadow is such a small price to pay

as stories of the man you became land gently in my ear

stories of how you have reaped a whirlwind from what you’ve sown

on a dark night, so very long ago





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