I hear my father in your voice; a calm brutality resonating behind a Southern drawl

I think that I want you in my life 

Then, I recall what that voice sounds like, as you rage on for hours 

I feel strength in the touch of your hands; hands of a hard working, hard playing, man 

I imagine holding them forever 

But, I recall how quickly you raise them when you’re upset 

I love the way your eyes light up when you laugh, hiding the storm that constantly brews behind them

I could get lost in those eyes

Then, I recall the chill up my spine when you glare at me as though I’m your enemy 

I love the way you hold me as we sleep; strong  arms around me, I feel safe and protected 

What perfection life would be if you could hold me that way,  always 

I will recall that feeling as I  slip out of bed and silently make my way out of the house, and run away from you, for the last time 

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