a short conversation with Bennie 

Good to see you! How’s things going? 

Really?  Wow…that sounds amazing! I’m glad you’re getting settled in, but I miss you.

Today, yesterday…every day since…you know. 

Yes,  I know… I’d have killed you,  sooner or later, but not that day. 

So what!?! I can still miss you. Why do you always bring that up? 

Seriously. Every time? OMG 

Why should I apologize? You lucked out and God beat me to it. Ask Him to apologize! 

Because you make me say shit like that,  the way you fuck with my head all the time. That’s why. 

Oh,  really?  Well, I wish you didn’t cheat on me. So….even Steven,  fuck face! 

Yes you are a fuck face! 

Whatcha gonna do now,  ghost man?  Hmm?  Pray tell. I’m dying to know!  Oh,  wait… No,  I’m not.

Wait!  Where are you going!?!?!

No! Don’t go! I didn’t mean to make you mad. Just stay for a lil minute, OK? Pretty please? 

OK. Cool. 

You wanna watch The Middle? 

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