midnight sing-song la la la…


long, lonely, nights keep me pacing

body exhausted, mind racing

i try and try to grab on to one thing

a singular thought to occupy my brain

but my thoughts are given over to the fantastical

the mysterious unknown that makes life so magical

even though i understand that it doesn’t exist

it’s only neurotransmitters running amiss

no matter the truth, i so love the Big Dreamy

if i let it go, i let go of me

what sort of life would i have going on

if there were no star worth wishing upon

or if a dandelion was robbed of its life’s mission

of granting wishes, dreams and visions

i can’t live in grey areas, i can’t even try

things are, or they aren’t, the only question is why

why do mermaids stay so far out in the deep

and why do monsters roam around when we sleep

how do you know i wasn’t Blackbeard’s wife

in another day…another life

what will become of my stories if i can’t wish them true

what will become of me if i go by your rules


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