i know peace
it lives just beyond my window
it flies with the birds, and blows through the trees
i observe its habits and wonder if peace will ever know me

i know love
i see it in the eyes of my children
and i hear it in the laughter of my grandson
i’m certain that, one day, i will feel it, honestly, in my own heart

i know anger
i’ve felt it chipping away at me since birth
i breathe it like oxygen and devour it as fuel
though i rarely show it, it is my salvation
yet, i hope that, one day, it will leave me be

i know sorrow
the sorrow a child knows, cast from her mother’s arms
it is a much a part of me as my own blood
and it beats its way through my heart
and tears its way through my soul, every second, every day
i hope that, one day, it will forget me

i know pain
physical, unbearable pain
the pain of a child who cannot escape her captor
even now, my body recalls every blow, every word, every strike
in the night, in my dreams, i feel them, once more
i pray that my dreams will lose sight of me

the pain of this world is not for the chosen few, it is meant for the masses
and Hell…it has lost all patience, and awaits no one; especially the children
it lives in the violence of a careless fist…in the burn of a cigarette on unblemished skin…in the blood drawn from the switch used in drunken haste, as it trickles down the back and the arms and the legs, fueling sadistic rage
all that is Hell dwells in the houses of those not meant to be guardians of the precious things

this much, i know better than all else

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