no good deed


She leads me down the path, left yielding, beyond the years since I’ve left it
And she reminds me of forgotten things, until she’s certain I won’t forget, again
I feel so very pulled, inside, tween this path and what I know is right…

Yet, farther I go down the path I knew
For the sorceress, she led me to
Shadows appear in expected places; I turn away
I’d prefer never, again, to see their faces
Least not before my dying day

It’s all too much, and I’ve come so far
I’ve repented of my sins, long past
Yet, again, I follow the sorceress
Farther down the left yielding path

Blood bonds aren’t easily broken
And hearts are not easily healed
Not matter the path that’s chosen
Half my heart must opt to yield

What is bound on earth is bound in the heavens
And what is loosed, on earth, be loosed again
It does no good to ride the fence,
For every fence has its end

Were I, this day, to give myself over
Not knowing where I’d drift
I’m not sure that I could face the pain
I’m not certain I would live

Still, the choice does remain
Within my heart of hearts
I hear her voice; it speaks to me
Of the years we’ve been apart

Father Abaddon, forget me not
When you open, wide, the Gate, at last
Reach out Your hand and pull me close
That I may leave my memories in the past

‘Blood by blood, shed unto Thee, a promise made is one to keep.’

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