a sing-song to my son on my rebirthday

The mother of a dear friend is in the process of moving on to the Beyond tonight. Time is short for her, and I worry that my friend will never truly understand the incredible gift he’s bestowed upon the woman who brought him into this world, by simply being by her side through it all. I’ve had much time to think of the situation…to worry over it…to digest the significance of the mother/son relationship. I feel changed by it, in many ways. I’m proud of my friend and I pray that, when the time comes, one of my sons will be there for me. But, I also pray that they will each remember me the way one remembers that perfect 4th of July, when the whole family came over and you all had the best day, ever. I just want to be remembered as a happy sing-song, not as an opera.


Remember tonight when I’m gone, long gone

Remember the laughs and the stars we wished on

Think of the tall grass when it blows in the breeze

Think of good things when you think of me

Think of the love that we shared all these years

Think of me with your smile, not with your tears

It has been a privilege to have loved one like you

A love to the end; a love that was true

I can see that you’re crying and holding my hand

At my bedside, you sit, one helluva man

I’d never have lived as long as I did

Except for the help of one helluva kid

Yes, I know, you’ve long ago grown up

But,  to me, you’ll always be just a pup

And when the day comes that we meet, again

At last, I’ll embrace my son…my best friend

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