Mr. Mustang is a Fuck Face

I had another run-in with Mr. Mustang yesterday. I was driving down the road, on my merry way to town, when I passed him as he came to an end of a driveway. I continued on, speeding up a little. Something just bugged me when I passed him by.

In fairly short order, I looked in my rear-view to see that he was rapidly approaching. I thought it was fine. I just wasn’t in the mood for any of the road games he seems to love RtnRBJ5so much. I slowed a little so that he could pass. When he didn’t get on around me, I knew some shit was about to start. I was not wrong…

Mr. Mustang was so close to my car that I couldn’t see the front of his car in the mirror. I could see his face. He was smiling. I sped up to get him off my ass. He sped up. This went on till we were both going a hundred miles an hour. I wanted to slow down, but was afraid that he’d hit me if I even tapped on my brakes, or let off the gas. When we were getting closer to town, I punched it and white knuckled it to the wye, where I could finally hit the brakes. I got onto the interstate and hauled it into town.

I’m not gonna lie, I was scared. And I couldn’t go for my gun because I felt that any mistake I made driving might be my last. I’m not sure what this wack job wants, but the last time, he was playing his little games in front of me. Speed up, down shift till I’d have hit him, had I not been paying attention, etc. That’s the time I passed him and Hoe Ass Barbie up and slowed down to smile lol! Okay, okay…maybe some of this is my fault, but he started it, and now, he’s raising the stakes. I guess we’ll see what happens. Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure Miss Maxine can handle it…





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