pretty please

come, love…lie with me among the pillows and the comfort
let me know you in that carnal way
that seethes at night and yearns by day20160521_221725 (2)
allow me a touch, a stroke, a kiss
follow me, love, to earthly bliss

no, i assure, i’m not playing a game
i don’t want you to fear
but if you’d allow my blade to shed
that thing you hold most dear
i’d be in your debt forevermore
only in love with you
why, i’d almost be your slave
you’d be my King, that’s who

give it a bit of thought, my dear
during a time when you are alone
think it through, but don’t take too long
for i am impatient as they come
and, were i to get angry, love
you’d not like what you’d see
for denial of my heart’s desire
does not sit well with me

it’s a funny thing; the blade, so sharp
how it cuts without guilty pain
she who wields it is not so pure
and only cuts for gain
it’s up to you, if drippity drops
are all that you’ll endure
or, perhaps, a full on rain
from within your heart shall pour

as above, so below
the answer’s in your heart, you know

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