to friend, or not to friend, etc…

Going to see the good doc today. Get a lil head shrinkin’ done and get out of the house. I’m not thrilled with the weather, as Maxine has a thing for ruts full of water and hydroplaning. No matter, I shall trudge forth! Onward and upward! Ummmm…wait…what was I going to say…

Someone said something a week or two ago that really made me consider the what the FB ‘friend’ really is. I always assume that friendship is friendship. If that’s true, then it means something. If it’s not…then, fuck it. That’s basically how I took what this person, a FB ‘friend’ of mine, said. And that was really sad to me. Because I always thought that he and I were actually friends, or would be in real life. I don’t have anyone on my friend list that I don’t like or would not hang out with in real life. Some more than others, maybe, but I like the small group that populates my list.

In light of the subject coming up, I’ve also been evaluating real life friendships, of which I have few. That is by design, as I don’t trust people and don’t play games. It’s seems as though, if you are going to have even one friend, games are part of the territory. I can’t decide to start playing, or just say the usual ‘fuck it’ and just be to myself. It’s a hard call to make. Then again, who’s to say the person gives a shit? Fuck. This is why I don’t collect people. Too much confusion and frustration.

I really do hope the rain holds off today. Just long enough for me to get to Shreveport and back. I’ve been up since midnight, but did get a couple of good hours in before. But I just don’t feel like doing any strategic weather driving. That doesn’t sound right, but I’m sure it’s self explanatory. I barely do ok these days just driving in a straight line. I think it’s my meds. Whatever. I fully expect to get pulled over for it one of these days and given a breathalyzer. I still can’t say the alphabet backwards. I wonder how much of the test that’s worth…

Okay…morning ramble over. Time to get dressed…

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