dream journal, entry #2

I’m in the back of an ambulance, alone. The road is bumpy and the ambulance is moving fast, but there is no siren. I can barely see, but I am aware that the lights above are 1~2extremely bright, and there is an IV bag to my left.

I’m strapped down; cannot move. There is a hole in my right temple. A perfect, quarter sized hole. No blood dripping, gushing or running out of it. It’s very clean. There is something wrong with my eyes. I think they might be hanging out of my head, or are, at least, displaced. Again, I am alone and I do not understand why. On and on we go on the bumpy road, throughout the night…never stopping…it never ends; just me and the driver, whom I never see.

I am not afraid. I am numb. Numb to everything.

As usual.


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