if profanity offends you, don’t read this sh*t

I’m in a bad fucking mood today. Not all day…it’s been a great morning, but then…a few minutes ago, I think a switch flipped. I started thinking about shit that really sucks. No, I don’t know why. I just did. So…yeah. Here are a few things that really fucking suck:

You love the wrong person.

I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there, done that. The wrong person has your heart in his fucking palm and you can’t do jack shit about it. Why? Because the sky’s blue. Hell if I know why.

Somebody vomits in your fucking car, and you love your car more than you love them.

Yep. I’d say this should probably head up the suck list. Vomit. In. Your. Car. Oh, wait…after he tried to pee into a beer can while you were driving. Total suckage. In fact, I feel like I’m gonna throw up just thinking about it. I can only hope Maxine will forgive me for letting someone drink and ride. Seriously.

You dedicate ten days to helping someone get help for addiction, but there is no help to be had.

Okay…THIS is the number one motherfucker of them all. This one outlines the sheer hypocrisy of the war on drugs and clarifies that the truth of the matter is that it is a false flag. Always has been/always will be.

My friend tried, with my help and that of others, to get a simple prescription to help him safely dry out from alcohol. Many aren’t aware that alcoholics are in danger of losing their life while detoxing because it’s not illegal to drink, so…obviously…it’s safe. Right? Sure…it’s real safe. Till you become an alcoholic and try to stop drinking and have a Gran Mal seizure. Then you die. Even though there are two pills that could help you; Librium and Phenobarbital.

If you are old enough to purchase booze, shouldn’t that make you old enough to sign a release of liability at your MD’s office and obtain a prescription so that you can dry out safely at home? If you’re a heroin addict, you can do so, without a waiver. I only suggested a waiver be involved due to the fact that doctors are now held by the balls by the DEA and are being/have been squeezed to the bloody pulp by overly litigious jackasses. To say that they are shy about writing script is an understatement.

The other reason that many hospital affiliated physicians won’t write those prescriptions to ADULTS is that the hospitals make so much money from ‘treatment’ that it’s beyond belief. While they bitch and moan about indigent patient costs, they are, with the other hand, literally stuffing money into the bank from people and insurance companies who are forced to pay for treatment that is not necessarily needed. If one relapses while actively working a program, that person doesn’t need to be in a month long treatment center. Period.

Things ended badly between my friend and I, so I returned home two days ago, now. At that point, the only hope he had was to wait a full week until he could get into a facility. A week when you’re sick because you’re trying so hard to just drink enough to keep you out of withdrawal is a very long damn time. To his credit, that is what my friend was doing when I left, although he was in the most foul mood of anyone I’ve ever known. Words were exchanged that I’m not proud of. However, drunks aren’t known to be the nicest people on the planet. In any case, I do hope he gets the help he needs because he’s a good man with a lot to offer the world.

When you lose a friend because of booze and/or drugs.















































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