Oh, my! What tangled webs does reveal! For instance; My grandmother’s name wasn’t Rita. It was Asia. Asia…a beautiful name, no doubt after her father’s extensive travels to that land. But, she lied about her name. I don’t know why. I do know that I’m fairly weirded out about it.

My grandmother was a consummate liar. The woman could lie the wallpaper off a wall, for Pete’s sake. However, I never saw this coming. Who does that? Who totally lies to everyone about their name? I use my birth name on FB, but it is my name. In real life, I use my married name, most often. I’d never lie about my real name to family and friends. It’s just weird. If the name Rita was her preference, so be it. But, couldn’t she have mentioned that her name was Asia when I found myself pregnant in the 80’s and tossed the name around, eventually settling on Simone, were the baby a girl? I miscarried the child, but even so, I’d think my grandmother would’ve mentioned that I was considering her own name for the name of my child. I would mention it.

I never intended to get truly involved in my ancestry. My background is a bit on the sketchy side and I’m not sure I want to know my blood relatives, related to my bio father. It’s those damn leaves that keep popping up…They really lead you down a path, I tell ya.

If anything, I’d love to be reunited with my cousin, One Eyed Mike. I miss him. We haven’t seen each other since high school, as he had to ‘go away’ for a stretch. I missed him after he became a local cocaine dealer and sold that shit to my son. Last I heard, he was on another state funded vacation. No matter what he’s done, I love my cousin. He was awesome to me. When we were kids, on through the last time I saw him, he was fiercely protective and kind to me. Everyone was terrified of Mike since the day he burned his name into his arm in 4th grade. It was cool having such a scary relative to rely on. Anyway…if I find him, this will be worth finding out my grandmother lied about her damn name. And her boobs. And my mother. Etc., ad nauseum…

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