kiss me, you fool!

the Darkness dances with its shadows
partners for all time, they are
round and round they go, as my sleepy eyes beg them to stop
yet, they’ll hear none of it, as they continue on
dancing throughout the night
parading themselves before me as though i need to learn from them
arrogant Death, you don’t fool me
i know that you come to me by cover of darkened pathways
lest the Light rob you of your precious power
a power that only lives in the minds of mortals who treasure life
many of us don’t, you know
and that makes you little more than an irritant
a thing that parades around us, at all times, like a beggar crying for a scrap of bread
you believe that it’s all in your hands…life and death
silly one…you hold no cards, except those dealt you with a specificity that even you cannot comprehend
take me, if you can
but you will take me with a smile on my face
because, in that moment, i’ll know that thing that you will never know
i’ll know it’s truly my time
now, shut up and kiss me…

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