the magical intangible

I decided to decorate for Fall this year. I know…running a bit late, as always. But I feel very excited about it. It’s truly a magical time of the year…everything changes. Fall saves us from the horrible Summer heat and the drudgery of long, humid, days. It blows in likeProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 preset a fairy godmother and grants us a reprieve; it allows us our fantasies of all things magic and majestic. I adore the Fall…

Mother and I were reminiscing about things this evening. Mostly, about how great it was when my boys and my nieces and nephews were small. I’d take them to the graveyard at the beginning of every Fall, giving each a big plastic bag. I would tell them that the pine cones on the ground were magic, but you never know which ones had the most within, so they needed to pick up as many as they could carry in their bags. This provided a yearly jaunt to visit my wicked old grandmother, buried deep in the darkest dirt. It also saved me hundreds on pine cones from Hobby Lobby! lol!

Those poor kids. I used to tell them such stories. Like ‘Monster in a Box’. That one came to be when my nephews were about three and five years old, respectively. One day, they told me that they had a monster under their bed. So…I grabbed a wooden box that I had had for years and told them it just so happened to be a monster catchin’ box. As they sat and watched, I called their monster, who heard me allllll the way from under their bed at their house. I called it, stamping my feet and carrying on, until the lil bastard jumped into the box! My nephews had this look on their faces, as though they’d seen a miracle. I bound the box shut with some sizel (sp?) rope, and it stayed on my kitchen counter so I could ‘watch it to make sure it didn’t escape’ for years. And, the years did go by…too quickly, I think. One day, my nephews, who were then about eight and ten, came over to the house with their mom. As we sat at the kitchen table, the oldest looked up and saw the monster box. He jumped up and said, “You still have the monster in that box!”. I told him…of course I did, and I intended on keeping him there forever and a day. He laughed and said there was no monster in that box. I asked him if he’d like to see for himself. He declined. 🙂

Lord, I told the kids in this family some tall tales. They’re all grown now, and they still remember them. I love that. It makes me feel good that they remember the best part of who I ever was. From when I was married to Black Beard…or was it Blue Beard…hmmmm….Anyway, I fell in love with Jean Lafitte, stole Black/Blue Beard’s treasure and ran away with Lafitte, and that’s how Auntie ended up in Galveston and how I met Uncle Bennie. I also climbed Mount Everest in my Jeep, Mathilda. She could also swim and fly, as she was enchanted by a shooting star…

Eventually, my tales spread to my extra kids, who told them to their babies. One of my extra sons even named his boys after characters in a book that I have yet to write, after twenty long years of trying to do so. The story is my favorite and, in some ways, I think it’s too precious to me to define by written word. There is much of the tale that is lost when one cannot hear the intangible magical of it all when told by one who is absolutely in love with the story. And, for me…the teller of the story…I couldn’t bear to miss the looks on the faces of the young ones who found joy in the tales of brother dragons and the lovely mermaid, Felicity…or the furrowed brows on intense lil faces as the tale turned to the evils of the Magi. But, in the end, there is love and beauty and peace in all the land and the mighty dragon, Lucien, finds true love with the beautiful Felicity, and Ember, his scarlet brother is set free to protect the land of their ancestors, casting the Magi into the Pit of Oblivion, never to be seen again. Those faces…there at the end…I couldn’t bear to miss them. And, so, the story in my heart will be one passed along, spoken in a soft voice on a long night when a lil one can’t sleep. That’s what.

It’s strange how an action, like putting up a few decorations, can bring back so many memories. I feel happy right now. That’s not my norm. I don’t feel a lot. Not anymore. But I can’t stop smiling and I think I’m going to take some time to contact my nieces and nephews and see how they are. I might even tell them a new tale, or two. After all, they still believe that Auntie is magical. Honestly, that feels as good as it does knowing how much they love me. I only hope they realize how much I love them.

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