I don’t know what it is about this time of the morning that I like so much. I always feel…something…the most I’m ever going to feel for the entire day, between this time and dawn. Then, meds. After that…numb.

I always imagine Day and Night to begin snipping back and forth by now, trying to one-up each other. The Night laughs a deep and eerie laugh as Day struggles to nudge its way into its rightful place in the sky. It can’t run late because life on this planet is depending on it. Heavy is the burden Day bears. Even so, Night laughs on. After all, he has nothing better to do. So, for the slightest hour, Night gives Day all Hell. Never once to be outdone, Day wins out and takes its place above, giving way to nourishment and famine and all things between; shining down upon the good and the evil until, at last, it’s had its fill, and relents to Night, once more.

By dawn, Night shrugs and moves on, still laughing at Day. Night understands evil things and they don’t bother him as much as they do Day. In fact, Night adores the grief that the shadows bring. His greedy eyes gorge on their dance as they move about, taking peace and love and life, making each their own. The shadows covet but one thing that living men have. They care not for money or status…only for the lifeblood. Night lets them have it, good and plenty, if only to satisfy his own Dark needs, knowing that Day will have to deal with whatever is left behind.

And so begins another day, when Day and Night are distracted by their petty ways and a rare peace falls upon the earth for just a bit. It’s a particular peace that is not present at any other time. It’s beautiful and unspoiled and perfect. At least it is to me. It is my time to feel alive and free and so happy to be present on this planet. This morning, the wind blows through Mayberry with a firm chill and all, but that, remains silent. Except for me and the tap tap tapping of my keyboard and the beating of my happy heart.

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