unedited word vomit


i’ve watched your hair begin to grey
as the years left their mark upon your face
woman, what will you do with the time you’ve got left?
woman, what will you do?

i’ve seen you struggle and fight to be free
to have things the way that you want them to be
you’ve been denied much more than approved
woman, tell me, what would you do
if , today, every wish were granted to you?
woman, what would you do?

your face stares back, from the mirror, at me
friend, or foe? i can barely define
as i read every expression and touch every line
i wonder what you will do with this time
another day granted is another that’s passed
you can’t get them back; not your first, nor your last
it’s the things that you do in the moments between
that remind the world that you ever had been
it’s the man that you loved who didn’t love you
the children you bore when grey skies were blue
there are so many questions i want to ask of you
woman in the mirror, would you tell me true?

i want to know if you plan to love
ever again in your life
do you imagine yourself as a lover, or friend?
a girlfriend, best buddy, or wife?
is there any man who could hold your attention?
a man whose name is worth the mention?
how will you know if you’ve met the one
who will love you till your time is done?
or would you rather simply bet on yourself
alone inside these four walls?
or do you find it more likely that you’ll have someone to hold you
when life trips you up and you fall?
why does love even matter to you?
you’re old enough to know
that pain is always just a breath away
and the man you love with your all today
will be the one who crushes your heart
and destroys you inside before he departs
dearest, you have to consider these things
now, tell me, what will you do?
woman, what will you do?








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