He refuses to sleep, that brother of mine

He and his demons, in lock step; they silently march about the house

There are moments when I hear a cacophony of pots and pans being tossed around in the kitchen

Perhaps that is the voice of my own demons

As no one wakes, but me

From the very lightest sleep 

Mother’s clocks tick tock as my brother mumbles from the hallway now

He’s stumbling up the stairs 

Loudly cursing

I hear his bedroom door slam shut

And I pray that this is the end of it


An entire night has passed 

As the small hours roll on, neither I, nor my brother has slept

One, for the love of the attack

The other, for fear of closing her eyes when he’s near

His footsteps have grown heavy in the last hours

As he becomes more impatient with the situation

He does not want me here 

I do not want to be here

Oh, Sun, please rise and wake me from this nightmare…

2 thoughts on “Random 

    1. It is. It’s a very ugly thing. But, I’m ready to let go. I told Mom her head is just right for a crock pot and she needs to make him leave, since he won’t get help. Gave her something to think about. 😉


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