Morbid Sing-Song

I’m fighting a battle I’m not certain I’ll win

When I go to bed, I pray I’ll die

When I wake, I pray it again

But you can only ask God for so much

Lest He consider you greedy

And you cannot tell a friend of the pain that you feel

Because it only makes you seem needy

Besides, there are no words to express 

This all consuming pain

And there is no way that you can speak

When your tears fall as the rain

One day, you think God will hear your prayers

Though you’re not sure you can hold out that long

Today, you try to hold it together

Today, you try to be strong

But it’s clear in your mind

That time’s running out

Clearly you’re at your end

Though nobody knows

Because you won’t say so

To father, mother, or friend 

If I had one wish that I knew would come true

I’d wish my family would understand

That one can only do what she must

When she’s taken all that she can

…and in the hour of my death… 

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