When Shines The Sun 

​Thoughts dance through my mind at lightning speed

Considering all that was, and what is meant to be

I want to sing and drive fast and dance till I’m spent

I want to feel the love that lingers in a good man’s kiss

I am laughing and excited as I write these lines

But shadows remain…it’s a matter of time

All these feelings will fall by the way

For the door closes quickly on such lovely days 

I’ll turn on a dime

And it’s back to Hell for me

Back to vantablack reality

Where joy is indistinguishable from pain

Just as insanity from sane

I’ll begin to long for my end, once more

There will be nothing

And I mean nothing

Worth living for

But, for this time, I will enjoy the embrace

Of carefree joy

And the sun on my face 

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