Manic Me 

​Heart and mind race

The world screams past

So much to do 

So much to say

Life is beautiful today

The largeness of it all is nearly paralyzing

Ideas fly through my mind, each new thought crashing into those that came before

An electric heap of energized me, buzzing about my brain 

And it continues on in a hizzy tizzy dayglow display just behind my eyes

Tracers and twinkles paint their masterpiece as my thoughts dance through time and space

Leaving my ears ringing to a silver song that plays so loudly I can feel it in my bones

Dreams and hopes envelope my brain so tightly that I can feel their embrace

I can’t breathe from the excitement of it all

I’ve no idea what will come next

Nor do I care

I could live in this internal wonderland for as many as my days on this earth shall be 

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