It’s The Little Things

Thursday’s silver song played background to a night of Hell’s making 

Tossing and turning;

Hitting and clawing at things unseen

The Hag stole my breath as devils stole my dreams

I died, throughout the night, again and again 

I could not move

I could not breathe

I was guest of honor at an unholy feast

Lying there, prone, with no possible defense

A sanguine cupcake,

Wondering what it all meant

I begged God to save me, at dawn’s first light

Yet He left me there to fight my own fight

A few hours later, they all went their way

The Hag and the devils; exhausted from play

My eyes opened, at last, and I caught, quickly, my breath

Still hearing that laughter

The room smelled of death

As I gathered my wits to begin my day

The devils faded and I saw your face

I should have known

Without any surprise

That thirty years in the ground

Does not mean that you died 


I promise you this

When I draw my last breath

Finally, free in the great Neverafter

I will come for you 

I will come for you 
Blood by blood, until it sleeps…a promise made is one to keep. 

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