Retail Therapy

You break my heart and I shop for towels

Towels, of all things

I am sad, heartbroken, and hurt 

So, I search the internet until I can barely see straight

Until I find the perfect towels 

Then, I spend hundreds of dollars on fucking towels;

Woven towels

Plush towels

Patterns and plain

Towels made of the yarn spun from the hair of the Tibetan Yak 

That’s how I’m coping

With your rejection

Your judgement 

With your intolerable sense of superiority 

I press Confirm Order

I feel relief and peace rush over me like a river

In a moment’s time, I’m over you

I laugh at myself

More so, I laugh at you

Realizing that you truly rate somewhere between bathroom towels and a blow up foot bath 

Then I thank God you weren’t the Ferrari I’d imagined you to be 

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