Abaddon Arises

Manic me runs through flowery pastures

Rain soaked and laughing

I bounce about, beautiful words sing themselves inside my head

I am glowing

Radiant from the life that flies through my soul at the speed of light

The world is a better place

I cannot stop smiling…


Every up has its down

And I descend quickly

Darkness falls upon my heart as Abaddon arises within

The Great Destroyer has come to eat my soul

And, that, He does

Devouring every good thing; burying my joy in the unmarked grave that is my life at that moment 

Every breath draws me closer to that from which there is no escape

And I die to the blue skies

Embracing the thunder that pounds away at my heart 

Believing every terrible thing that screams its way into my head 

Flowery pastures be damned, for Hell has won this day 

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