silly sunday sing song


what is wrong

my love, my dear

your expression is a little queer

have you not the stomach for

my blade, the scarlet, and the more

shall i stop this dance i’ve let you see

my sacred act of debauchery

or will you venture there with me

you silly, silly, boy


once i had a blade so sharp

a blade that left such lovely marks

tiny criss crosses and drippity drops

it always made me smile

then, one day, it was lost to me

and took away my sanguine dance

till out of nowhere it appeared

to give me one more precious chance


don’t be afraid oh, love of mine

what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine

at least it will be so, in time

if you should love me, too

it isn’t very much to ask

that you join in this sacred task

and remain with me, until the last

you silly, silly, boy


all is fair in love and war

at least that’s what they say

there will be nothing fair between we two

should you come to stay

if i am not a queen to you

i’d rather remain alone and true

to what i need, my baby blue

i’m sure you’ll understand

if not, allow me to show you the door

one you’ve met many times before

but when it’s closed this time i’ll lock it

and keep, for myself, the key

when you finally come back ’round

no one will greet you with the sound

of love in her voice

and joy in heart

you’ll simply stand and indulge the silence

of a love that you mistook for violence

you silly, silly, boy

when i was pretty


he always liked me when i was pretty

when my makeup was perfect

nails and tippy toes cherry red

he liked to show me off as though i were a prized pig

i didn’t mind it

i never said anything about it

because that’s all there was

he always wanted me when I was pretty

he’d ask me to wear his favorite negligee and he’d twirl me around the bedroom

wine flowed…music played

we’d dance for hours

then, we’d dance…for hours

it pleased him

though it wasn’t love, it was all there was

he still cheated on me when i was pretty

because i was never enough

and it excited his ego to cheat on a pretty one

i never took it personally

because i knew his game and how it was played

i was only a part of it all

i was a mannequin he placed in the window for his women to laugh at

it wasn’t love, but it was all there was


for so many years i stood at the mirror

preening and making ready for his approval

till, one day, i stopped

because no beauty that ever looked back at me

could shut down the pain machine

i was the fuel

but there was no key

his yelling insistence that i go back ‘the way you were’

it only sharpened my resolve

he could take whatever he wanted

but i’d not dress for the occasion ever again

he hated me when i was pretty

he hated me when i wasn’t

that’s the truth of it

it was never love

Miss Spider midnight singsong drivel


Miss Spider could not sleep that night

Her dreams were full of shock and fright

And nothing but love would make it right

But she knew it wasn’t worth the fight

Her legs were crossed

And her face was grim

The moment she caught sight of him

She posed as pretty as could be

In hopes of attracting he to She

Perhaps this one would behave

And cherish all the love She gave

As he walked by, she gave a wave

And a big smile crossed his handsome face

He sat down near Her feat

The look in his eye was such a treat

Under the moonlight, She would meet

The one who’d sweep Her off Her feet

In only days, it turned to love

Her dream come true

A gift from above

He showed Her a side of things, unseen

He made Miss Spider his love

His Queen

As She reveled in his love and passion

She wondered how She’d ever fashion

A life with one who could hurt her so

Should he decide to up and go

Then She began to push him away

Harsh words and actions to hasten the day

That She knew would come about, anyway

“Goodbye, My love. Now, go away!”

Though he did not understand

Was he not enough a man?

He was simply too blind to see

That She was terrified to be a We

a monday evening sing-song


people gather ’round, like sheep

where bloody, broken bodies keep

laid to rest, beneath our feet…

tell me this, love

tell me true

are you happy now?

what say, you?

do you think  you’ve finally won your race?

did you run it well…keep the pace?

or is your peace tainted by regret?

my love, were you not ready yet?

did the Reaper catch you by surprise?

did he show Himself, or bear disguise?

you must answer, sweet love of mine

for, i fear, that i’ll not have the time

once my own clock starts ticking down

to make my peace ‘fore He comes around

there is much i have not finished yet

’tis too soon for me to go, my pet

but when the day comes that i do

i pray God keep me far from you

now answer my questions

tell me true

what have you to say, love?

what say, you?

It’s Complicated


Another day with him
She sits
A quiet observer, she is
His addiction consumes him
As does despair
He retreats further into himself with each breath
Every moment that passes, they move forward
Into the Great Unknown
He and she
Bound together by time
And memories
He is drowning, clinging to the her for dear life
She stares at him, silently, her eyes seeing him for the first time
She begins to peel his desperate fingers from her throat
He begins his freefall
She breathes for the first time in years

Word Vomit

In the deep of the night
I beseech You
Look my way,  Love
Through Darkness, still
I cry out,  once more
Love,  come my way
Throughout the black velvet eternal
Alone in the silence
In faith,  I await Your touch
Always believing that Your voice will bless my lonely ears
And, at last,  You will say
“I am here. “

Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck (what man is worthy)

When the Darkness has had its velvet way
And the sky sees fit to start the day
As you lie resting in your bed
Clearing the cobwebs from your head
Whose name falls from rosy lips
From aching breast to longing hips
What man has earned such a lofty place
That when eyes are closed you see his face
What man is worthy of such love
What man is worthy…

When the Darkness falls, yet again
So oft you can’t remember when
When was the last he spoke your name
Before you knew it was a game
Playing at love
That never was
Pretending to be
If only because
As tears flow from reddened eye
What man is worthy to make you cry
What man is worthy…

Paging Dr. Watson


You’re my very own addict
Helpless as a kitten
I take care of you like a baby
I keep your secret
Tolerate your lies
And, deep in the night, I check to make sure you’re breathing

You are my misery
A cloud of locusts set upon me
From Hell’s belly you came
To feast on my remains
Because long ago, I died
In my place stands the unrecognizable She

You are my millstone
Pulling me down to unimaginable depths
Because I just can’t let go
My soul, too tired to try,
Gives in to your Darkness
As we sit here in this silent room
The most intimate of strangers

…What’s Broken


I can’t take another day
Of your yelling
You seem pathetic to me
As you try to control me
Your voice, loud and angry
Your demeanor, threatening
As if you’d ever lay a hand on me
We both know you don’t want to die today
But you keep on and on
Until I’m deaf to your ranting and raving
Until I am sufficiently subdued
Making no demands of you
Or your time
You light a cigarette
Take another pill
And return to yourself
Satisfied that I’ll shut my mouth
Because you’ve managed to be so confrontational
That it’s not even worth it to ask how your day is going
I, too, return to myself
A little more dead inside
Counting the minutes until you’re gone again
Leaving me to my solitary peace

Requiem For A Thursday Morning

My dreams are arrested by vulgar morning
Shaking its ass in my face like a two dollar whore
Head and heart pounding, I try to fathom the violation that has just occurred
Breathlessly screaming my way into dawn’s first light
Have I been born, yet again, from Mother’s womb?
Or come to life within my own tomb?
What fresh Hell is this?!?
Minutes pass and both eyes open
I reluctantly accept the truth of a new day
My breathing slows
My heart stops pounding
For it’s only morning
Where’s my coffee?!?