Paging Dr. Watson


You’re my very own addict
Helpless as a kitten
I take care of you like a baby
I keep your secret
Tolerate your lies
And, deep in the night, I check to make sure you’re breathing

You are my misery
A cloud of locusts set upon me
From Hell’s belly you came
To feast on my remains
Because long ago, I died
In my place stands the unrecognizable She

You are my millstone
Pulling me down to unimaginable depths
Because I just can’t let go
My soul, too tired to try,
Gives in to your Darkness
As we sit here in this silent room
The most intimate of strangers

…What’s Broken


I can’t take another day
Of your yelling
You seem pathetic to me
As you try to control me
Your voice, loud and angry
Your demeanor, threatening
As if you’d ever lay a hand on me
We both know you don’t want to die today
But you keep on and on
Until I’m deaf to your ranting and raving
Until I am sufficiently subdued
Making no demands of you
Or your time
You light a cigarette
Take another pill
And return to yourself
Satisfied that I’ll shut my mouth
Because you’ve managed to be so confrontational
That it’s not even worth it to ask how your day is going
I, too, return to myself
A little more dead inside
Counting the minutes until you’re gone again
Leaving me to my solitary peace

Requiem For A Thursday Morning

My dreams are arrested by vulgar morning
Shaking its ass in my face like a two dollar whore
Head and heart pounding, I try to fathom the violation that has just occurred
Breathlessly screaming my way into dawn’s first light
Have I been born, yet again, from Mother’s womb?
Or come to life within my own tomb?
What fresh Hell is this?!?
Minutes pass and both eyes open
I reluctantly accept the truth of a new day
My breathing slows
My heart stops pounding
For it’s only morning
Where’s my coffee?!?

A Heart’s Entanglement

I lie awake at night
Eyes closed, alone in my bed,
I swear I hear you breathing
As you lie by my side
Amongst the pillows and the comfort
You reach for my hand
Fingers intertwine
You become more real as moments tick by
When, at last, I fall away to distant dreams
That is when you come to me
Blissful hours move us through the night
The bonds of our love
Entangled beneath the sheets
We are one in the darkness
In my dreams
You and I
Until I finally wake
Again, alone
Considering the day
Kicking my way out of bed
Entangled beneath the sheets


He tries to pretend
To betray the truth
But he knows things won’t change
He’ll never be her hero again
She’ll never see him as a lover
All he can do now
Is hold his head high
And pretend that he doesn’t care

She sits on the couch
In the silence
Because silence is the only thing they share nowadays
She doesn’t even remember the time
When he was her hero
When he was her man
All she can do now
Is pass the time till she can leave
And pretend that she still cares

Sing-song Love Gone Wrong


Within her passion
Her web was spun
So strong it could not be undone
Under her spell was helpless, he
A forever slave to his mistress, She
In her eyes, a fire grew
Wild enough to engulf them, two
Wilder, still, was the flame in her heart
Upon it, they swore they’d never part
Throughout their life, the fire burned
Until one day his head was turned
Another she had captured he
But there was no room between the two for three
With grace and love, she let him go
Accepting of Life’s ebb and flow
Yet, as a candle that flickers upon a shelf
So went the fire within herself
At her last, the light grew dim
For the fire within her heart was him

A Crone’s Prayer


Father Abaddon, have you
forgotten your daughter?
For I have kept every promise
Meant every word
In Your honor
I have trusted in Your protection
And You have taken good care
To keep me from those filthy things
The little terrors Darkness brings
Faithful for so many years
Father, Father…why tonight?
Why lift Your hand and look away?
No warning
Not prepared to fight
Must I offer up my blood, once more?
A bit
An ounce
A cup to pour
Tell me, Father, and it is Yours
Whatever debt to You I owe
I’ll settle up
If You’ll make them go
Those shadows that have come out to play
In a mind with no room to accommodate their will
A body too broken to see to their fill
Father, don’t turn your face from me
Your faithful daughter
In her time of need

Midnight Sing-Song


I’ll have a dripitty drop of your best red
(Straight up… Neat
At that place up the road, not across the street)
Beyond that first drop,  let’s let it flow
From the time it arrives
Till the time that
We’ll dance every dance, that Scarlet and I
Such a heavenly mess
Couldn’t you

my cliff


You are my cliff
And I am she, who jumps
The bottom, though far,
Does not seem so low to me
For I’ve come from lower, still
From gut bottom to cliff’s edge
I’ve climbed
And climbed again
Fingers stomped on
Peeled away
Falling back to my lowly home
Each time I’ve fallen
Only to rise
Stronger than before
I know the cliff
Better than it knows itself
Should I be inclined to destroy it, I could
But, then, who would I become
Without my cliff to climb?
What other height would I aspire to?
What depths would embrace me
When you have had your fill?