Shhhhh…Be Quietus…

Do yourself a huge favor and ff to the 1:53 mark on this video. Trust me. After that, it’s a decent video. There’s an adequate number of hoes and guys pretending that they are constantly surrounded by hoes, which they’re not. In any case, I loooooove this song. And I dig Quietus Khan. A Texas rapper, producer, this that and a third, from Waco. I like him because he uses SUC rappers, what there are left of them, quite a bit. In this case, Big Pokey. Yeah!!! I love Big Pokey Yep, yep.

Anyway…this song is one of my absolute favorites. I think it has all the elements of a great Texas style rap song, and Screw’s shadow falls all over it, especially with Pokey singing on it.

Some people ask me why I like Houston rap so much. I think the answer is the same as why I love the kind of metal I do: I enjoy masculine men behaving in masculine ways. Their words, style, music…yeah. I like it. Not everyone was raised on the sunny side of the street. lol! 😉

Goin’ To Tha Valley

Somehow, this lil fucker ended up being an SUC affiliate. I do love his music, though. And, no, I don’t think he’s guilty of the charges for which he’s serving time. I DO think that, if you start getting paid, move out of the fucking hood, moron. Ain’t nobody there happy you got money and they don’t. That’s just the way it is. If ya don’t believe me, just ask Big HAWK and Fat Pat.

In any case, this is a great song. Reminds me of the Texas I know from when I was young. Long as fuck, though. Still…worth a listen.  🙂