Saturday Music Featuring: GWAR!!!!

27837_118311651523611_739362_nThis is a pic of my youngest at a GWAR show. I guess he and his friends went to a dozen over the years. It was a sad shame to lose the last surviving original member, Dave Brockie, to an overdose last year. To me, these guys are freaking wicked geniuses. They’ve been around for more than thirty years, and have disgusted adults from ‘sea to dead shore’ at every opportunity. Although, I think that, now, they have as much of an adult following now as they do young people. Anyway…GWAR days were always fun and gave me a reprieve from the constant fighting with Youngest. He and his friends would load up and I’d take them to Houston and drop them off. When I’d pick them up, they’d all be covered in whatever crap they were spewing from the stage that night. Never a dull moment!

I never got to go to a show, myself. I don’t think I’ve ever had a desire to be crammed into a room, shoulder to shoulder, with sweaty teenagers and assorted freaks. Still, dig the music…still think GWAR is legendary. Still listen to them with Youngest. lol!

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