*Adult Content pet servant slave-the tale of a very bad boy

7658680rarely do i find myself so put out

by you

my pet

your loyalty and decency inspires me

your willing nature

the way you acquiesces to my every desire

but if i could get my hands on you this evening, boy

if i could reach out and explain to your flesh the depths of the heartache you have caused

you’d be a student privy to a lesson that you may not be so eager to learn

Mistress is not pleased, my sweet

were you within my reach this evening

I’d show you the true meaning of power exchange in a way you’ve never understood it

you’d know what it means to give every scintilla of your power away and watch as I devour it

along with what’s left of your dignity

on this evening, my love, I’d bind you so tightly that you could not move a muscle

and, as you stood before me, bound to the cross on my wall

I would take but a scant moment before I took my cane to the back of your thighs

and I’d lay into you

until the whelps came

shades of red, raw, skin

puffed up and so very tender from the sting

you begin to scream

but no words escape your gag of filthy socks

two more strikes, perhaps three

and the blood comes

it travels down your legs in rivers that trace your muscular legs

some finding a trail to the front

some simply dripping down onto the floor behind you

puddling like scarlet raindrops

you struggle…oh how you struggle my dearest darling

to no avail

save your strength, for there is much more to come

i sit across the room from you for a few moments

taking in the sight of you

getting what you deserve

you naughty, naughty, boy

my eyes move from the bottom of your bloody legs and rest upon that gorgeous ass of yours

it’s statuesque, really

art in its purest form

I reach into the small trunk next to my chair and retrieve two things

my horse bat and my paddle

Mistress is going to give you a lil break, precious

I start with the horse bat, gently flapping it against your ass

warming that beautiful thing…making it ready

surely you understand that this is an act of mercy, boy

undeserved, to be sure

the slaps become quicker until your ass is a nice shade of red

you’re ready for the paddle now

I pick up the paddle and stand to one side

both hands on the handle, I swing with all my might

your entire body tenses as you accept your due

moving to the other side, I hear a soft whimper

I look up to see tears welling in your eyes as I take the first crack at your other cheek

I’m warmed up now and the blows are harder than before

muffled screams fill my ears as you abandon your manhood and become a scared little bitch

I spank you until I’m worn out

I retreat to my chair and I watch you, once more

I see that you realize this isn’t over

you’re fighting to get out of your restraints

poor thing

I go to you and gently rub your shoulderst

my lips brush your ear and I nibble on your neck

my arms wrap around you

hands exploring what belongs to me

twisting your nipples…fingernails tracing down your stomach…making circles on your tunny

further down, still,  until I reach your throbbing cock


when you have settled back in

i get my leather flog…the big one

the first strike across your back takes you by surprise

knocks the air out of you

I start hard and keep it up

one heavy hit after another until I can literally do no more

you’ve begun to cry again, pet

Mistress just feels awful about that

but one must be punished when they stray

quiet down, precious…shhhh

I remove the filthy  socks from your mouth and lift a glass of water to your lips

settle, my love

your breathing slows as I release you from your restraints

when you are free, I take you by the hand and lead you to my chair

I sit down and allow you to lie at my feet as you gather yourself

I lean down and stroke your hair

collect yourself, darling

it will be time for you to draw my bath soon

(you’re welcome, Bruce)