Shhhhh…Be Quietus…

Do yourself a huge favor and ff to the 1:53 mark on this video. Trust me. After that, it’s a decent video. There’s an adequate number of hoes and guys pretending that they are constantly surrounded by hoes, which they’re not. In any case, I loooooove this song. And I dig Quietus Khan. A Texas rapper, producer, this that and a third, from Waco. I like him because he uses SUC rappers, what there are left of them, quite a bit. In this case, Big Pokey. Yeah!!! I love Big Pokey Yep, yep.

Anyway…this song is one of my absolute favorites. I think it has all the elements of a great Texas style rap song, and Screw’s shadow falls all over it, especially with Pokey singing on it.

Some people ask me why I like Houston rap so much. I think the answer is the same as why I love the kind of metal I do: I enjoy masculine men behaving in masculine ways. Their words, style, music…yeah. I like it. Not everyone was raised on the sunny side of the street. lol! 😉