UABB – That Other Lil Ol Band From Texas

Out of San Antonio, Upon A Burning Body has been making their presence felt since ’05. Youngest introduced me to them about a year and a half ago and I was hooked from the git go. I have to say that, aside from their music, the thing I love most about the band is their manner of dress. It’s a send-up…a sign of respect…to the traditional Tejano bands that are such a rich part of Texas culture.. I just think it’s cool. I dig it. Mucho.  🙂 It always does my heart good to see Texas boys succeeding. Hell yes!

God’s Gone Spot

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K Cyde  Lyrics & Vocals: Derrick Franklin


Derrick doing vocals on Makeshift Morgue. Youngest played guitar for the demo in studio. Love this song…

I miss Derrick today. Have been missing him for over a week now. When I last went down to the coast, I thought I saw him walking in the middle of the street, like he used to. I rolled down my window and stopped to tell him to hop in the truck. As I got right up to the man, he turned and looked…and, it wasn’t Derrick. Of course it wasn’t. Derrick’s been dead since last Halloween, when he died in a one vehicle auto accident. I just forgot about it. About him dying. Even now, I don’t feel as though he’s gone. He’s just not…with us, I suppose.

I guess that some deaths are more difficult to take than others, although I have no fear of death and mourn few who I know that have died. It’s just not an issue to me. I’m sure it would be…well…if I were someone else. I don’t know. Derrick, and the members of Youngest’s core group who went before him…they all sort of stick in my brain. Always young, Caught, forever in the last moment I saw them. Forgiven and cherished.


Love, Mom

There Ain’t No ‘Splainin This One, Lucy

Where were you? When was it me?
A hollow paw, a quiet stare
Drain is slowly, the flow of birth
Eat the after(birth) and satiate the claw-rise

The dumb ones rise to salute the queer
Another dreary (outlook), people fearing
Dick the system, screw the city
Forget you were, forget you were
Die when you can do no more damage


There is no doubt that Superjoint Ritual sucked beyond all measure. But this song…I just fucking love it. Don’t know why. I mean…the! WTF???? When I watch this video, I am reminded of the little freaks that occupied my garage while Youngest was on drugs. At almost any hour of the day or night, you could walk out there and see almost the exact scene being played out. It was unnerving. But, when the guys were just high enough…or not high enough?…they’d make noise that was so good that even I couldn’t be mad at them. It’s a shame all that talent was wasted on dope.

onyx hand touches heart


an onyx hand trembles

contrasted against the pages of a notebook

as the hand moves through each page

all filled with darkest confessions made lyrics

a band silently awaits their leader

the hand settles on a page

one that tells the story of that very group of young men

brothers, all

hand leaves page

takes up the mic

words suddenly scream their way to life

the band falls gratefully into a cacophony of rage