God’s Gone Spot

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K Cyde  Lyrics & Vocals: Derrick Franklin


Derrick doing vocals on Makeshift Morgue. Youngest played guitar for the demo in studio. Love this song…

I miss Derrick today. Have been missing him for over a week now. When I last went down to the coast, I thought I saw him walking in the middle of the street, like he used to. I rolled down my window and stopped to tell him to hop in the truck. As I got right up to the man, he turned and looked…and, it wasn’t Derrick. Of course it wasn’t. Derrick’s been dead since last Halloween, when he died in a one vehicle auto accident. I just forgot about it. About him dying. Even now, I don’t feel as though he’s gone. He’s just not…with us, I suppose.

I guess that some deaths are more difficult to take than others, although I have no fear of death and mourn few who I know that have died. It’s just not an issue to me. I’m sure it would be…well…if I were someone else. I don’t know. Derrick, and the members of Youngest’s core group who went before him…they all sort of stick in my brain. Always young, Caught, forever in the last moment I saw them. Forgiven and cherished.


Love, Mom