My Last Rush Concert!

THIS is a Rush fan! Great post by a solid dude, reblogged by yours, truly.

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I know that this date hasn’t happened yet, but I have to share with everyone, my joy.

See, I’ve loved the band RUSH all of my life, it seems. Their 40 years of touring…I’ve been there! This will be (I lost count in the 90’s) either the forty-seventh or 48th time seeing them live! And I remember meeting people in the 90’s who had already seen them over forty times! I’m a (was a…)drummer, and long-time music fanatic. And these three guys make the most beautiful music!


This is the guy who puts it all together! He’ll take a poem Neil wrote and sample some of Alex’s guitar riffs and melodies and mixes them up into a hit song! THEN, he plays the most complicated bass-lines I’ve ever seen as he sings the song, and hits samples on his keyboards with his feet, utilizes the…

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