Goin’ To Tha Valley

Somehow, this lil fucker ended up being an SUC affiliate. I do love his music, though. And, no, I don’t think he’s guilty of the charges for which he’s serving time. I DO think that, if you start getting paid, move out of the fucking hood, moron. Ain’t nobody there happy you got money and they don’t. That’s just the way it is. If ya don’t believe me, just ask Big HAWK and Fat Pat.

In any case, this is a great song. Reminds me of the Texas I know from when I was young. Long as fuck, though. Still…worth a listen.  🙂

All I Wanna Do Is Bang Screw

Robert Earl Davis, Jr., AKA DJ Screw, would have been 44 years old yesterday. That just blows my mind. Screw is still alive all over the Houston area. On any given day, at any random stop light, if you hear a thumping bass, roll down your window and you’re probably gonna hear a Screw song. I know I’m not gangster and I don’t sip drank, but I have always loved his music. No matter who is putting down the lyrics, you can tell a Screw song apart from anyone’s. His sound was unique and he worked his butt off to keep it fresh. In such a short lifetime, DJ Screw made enough music that they’ll probably be putting out new music of his long after I’m gone. If that ain’t rock & roll, I don’t know what is.

The article below is great, if you’d like to know more about DJ Screw…